#24445 CVS services issue: write access problem

Jacob Moorman
Joe Johnston


I'm a developer on the perl-xml project and, although I
can check out the project (Frontier-RPC) just fine, I
can't commit changes. When I try to, I get the
following error:

cvs [server aborted]: "commit" requires write access to
the repository

I get a similar error when I try to 'add' a file to the
repository. I get the feeling that I'm not part of the
group that owns the /cvsroot/perl-xml directory.

Could someone please take a look at this? My
sourceforge account name is 'jjohn'. I am a Perl-XML
developer, but I was just assigned that role tonight.
Is there some sort of cron job that needs to execute
before I get the privs?



  • Jacob Moorman
    Jacob Moorman

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    • summary: No 'write' access to CVS --> CVS services issue: write access problem
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  • Jacob Moorman
    Jacob Moorman

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    The standard mechanism used by CVS for authentication,
    pserver, is an insecure mechanism. As result,
    SourceForge.net requires that all developers make use of ext
    authentication and wrap their traffic with SSH, as discussed
    in the SourceForge.net site documentation and mentioned in
    the 'developer CVS access' section of the CVS page for each

    To wrap your traffic with SSH, do the following:

    export CVS_RSH=ssh
    use a CVSROOT of:

    It is also important to realize that you need to perform
    your initial repository checkout using this method. If you
    have previously checked out a working copy of your
    repository using pserver authentication, please check out a
    fresh copy of your repository using ext authentication.

    As stated, write access to SourceForge.net-hosted project
    CVS repositories is available only to users making use of
    SSH for authentication. This is a security precaution and
    helps to reduce the risks involved with managing your
    sources with CVS. Should you have further questions or
    concerns regarding this matter, please re-open this support
    request and add a comment.

    In the event that this does not solve the issue at hand,
    please provide the specific paths of the files you are
    attempting to commit. To do this, re-open this support
    request and add a comment.

    Thank you,

    SourceForge.net support