#134676 Tracker: Ticket unexpectedly shows "comments closed"

Keith Marshall

I recently closed a ticket on the MinGW Project bugs-tracker; I deliberately *unchecked* the "close for comments" option, in the new tracker UI.

Today, I followed an e-mail link back to that ticket, before I'd logged in to my SF user account; the ticket showed "Comments are closed for this artifact", even though I'd explicitly requested that they be kept open. (FWIW, I've previously mentioned to David Burley, that I think keeping comments open after ticket closure should be the default, at least for some configurable period after initial ticket closure; to me, immediately closing the commenting facility, on initial ticket closure, seems like "antisocial behaviour").

After I'd logged in, the commenting facility was again shown as open, for the ticket in question; this is the state I expected.

I think it is confusing, to show the commenting state as "closed", prior to log-in, when in fact it is "open", but simply requires a log-in to access the facility. No, I don't want anonymous comment postings, but the old tracker's "please log in to post comments" style message makes more sense in this context; "comments are closed" should be reserved for the case where they really are.


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    Travis West

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  • Travis West
    Travis West

    Greetings Keith!
    I'm going to have to transfer this to the Engineering group for their attention.

    Travis West
    Support Guy

    P.S., Support items set to status of 'Pending', will auto-close in 14 days if there is no response. Also, be sure to monitor our Site Status page: https://sourceforge.net/sitestatus .

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    Jacob Moorman

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  • Hi Keith,

    We have opened a new ticket for this in our updated support facility here:


    This ticket is being closed and will be addressed via that new ticket.

    Jonathan Wigglesworth
    SourceForge Support

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