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Please check this graph: https://sourceforge.net/project/stats/detail.php?group_id=38274&ugn=openmsx&type=sfweb&mode=alltime

Very odd that exactly since the start of 2009, the amount of "SF.net pages" has risen dramatically, whilst the amount of sf.net logo impressions hasn't changed at all... Seems like a bug in the statistics system to me, or is there another explanation?

When zooming in to a day level statistics view, the irregularities are also visible: some days have 760 views, a day later it's 47000 views... And the SF.net logo impressions stay normal... See: https://sourceforge.net/project/stats/detail.php?group_id=38274&ugn=openmsx&type=sfweb&mode=60day

We did have some peaks (on Feb 16, due to an article on a web site) and in January, due to our latest release. But the inconsistency between page views and logo impressions since the start of 2009 cannot be explained by us...


  • Hi Manuel,

    We have some known issues with site statistics. I am escalating this for engineering to evaluate for action.

    If you need anything else, please post a response to this request.


    Daniel Hinojosa - Sr. Manager, SourceForge.net Support

    P.S., Support items set to status of 'Pending', will auto-close in 14 days if there is no response. Be sure to monitor our Site Status page, https://sourceforge.net/sitestatus.

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    Greetings Manuel!
    I have talked to some of the Analysts in the Service Operations Group who say that there may not be a very direct correlation between total number SF.net pages served and the number of logo impressions.

    Can you give me some specific examples where the numbers look hinky?


  • Just take a look at that first link. For no apparent reason the stats explode since January 2009. I can't explain those and Piwik and the logo impressions show no sign of such an explosion of web views. This makes me think there's a bug somewhere in the data.

    Similar irregularities are found when looking at the data from the 2nd link: I find it hard to believe that on March 8 we have 760 hits, while 2 days later we have 47,388 hits. The 23rd we only have 221. Although there is no direct correlation with the logo impressions, I still can't explain the very high peaks here.

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  • Hi Robert,

    We have opened a new ticket for this in our updated support facility here:


    This ticket is being closed and will be addressed via that new ticket.

    Jonathan Wigglesworth
    SourceForge Support

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