#133997 project info: project homepage link broken

Travis West
Jan Engelhardt


Within the last 48 hours of this post, the Project Administration (PA) interface and underlying code has been swapped (e.g. https://sourceforge.net/project/admin/public_info.php?group_id=254159 ).

This problem report is about the "Project Homepage" field.

Previously, I believe, the static text string "http://" was put in front of the "Project Homepage" HTML form field. (Not inside the field as a default value, but really before the input element.) So project administrators just entered the non-protocol part, e.g. "xtables-addons.sourceforge.net".

With the new code switch that just happened, that http:// prefix is gone, not only from the view, but also from the actual underlying logic code, so that the "Summary > Web Site" link is <a href="xtables-addons.sourceforge.net">, which is wrong, because it is then interpreted relative to the SF project page.

This affects *ALL* existing projects.

Proposed workaround: Add http:// prefix - if it is not already present - when the project homepage link is read from the database.


  • Hi Jan,

    Thank you for this notice. I have investigated and verified this issue. I am escalating this to the engineering team and have notified them of this directly.

    If you need anything else, please post a response to this request.


    Daniel Hinojosa - Sr. Manager, SourceForge.net Support

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  • Jan Engelhardt
    Jan Engelhardt

    Some more suggestions..

    Alternatively, all database entries could be augmented by the http:// prefix in a one-time update through the entire DB. http:// as a prefix should not be forced by the logic, as project administrators may want to use alternate protocols - https: comes to mind. My preference would therefore be this one-time change. Additionaly, some coded logic to highlight "probably" misspelled protocol - let "http" and "https" pass, warn but accept anything else.

  • Travis West
    Travis West

    Greetings Jan!
    I'm pleased to inform you that this has been fixed.

    Thank you for informing us of the problem. Your comments and suggestions improve the site for everyone.

    Travis West
    Support Guy

    P.S., Support items set to status of 'Pending', will auto-close in 14 days if there is no response.

  • Travis West
    Travis West

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