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#4 How Does Self Registration Work?

Lane Lester

In at least one of my planned uses of AC, I would like members to self-register. I have set that option, but I can't see how a person would register himself.



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    This it is a quite automatic process. Once you have marked a page as private using the padlock in the top panel, the menu entry for the page will be followed by an star. When the visitor clicks in this menu he/she will be redirected to the login form.

    As you activated the auto registration, it will appear the corresponding link in the form.

    I'm thinking that you can create a page called 'Members' with a welcome message or with news module installed on it, then close the padlock and you will have a member entry page.

  • Lane Lester
    Lane Lester

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    Your suggestion gave me even more than I was looking for. I used the procedure to create a "Log In" menu item, so now anyone (including me!) can log in without having to use a special URL.

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    Yes it is a sort of 'hidden feature'. In the other hand the real login form works even though do not exist private pages. Other aproaches (maybe more simpler) can be:

    1. Adding the tag []MEMBER_LOGIN[] somewhere on the template.

    2. Adding the following link to any page using the Content editor:
    <a href="">Login</a>

    This solve your question completely?

    I'm happy to help you.

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