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Alcogas: 0.0.1-beta released

The first version of the "Alcogas" - a cross-platform open source software. It allows:
- to write down an image created by "Alcohol 120%", on a CD-R/RW disk;
- to create an image compatible on a format with "Alcohol 120%".

"Alcohol 120%" ( is a commercial Windows CD
and DVD burning software for DVDs and CDs backup creation.
The information got by means of "Alcohol 120 %", is stored in two files
with expansions 'mds' and 'mdf'. The mds-file contains the information on
a location of disk's service areas and tracks, quantity of sessions and tracks,
a data recording mode, a sector data mode etc. The mdf-file contains raw sectors
data of all tracks, including subchannels data.... read more

Posted by Vladimir Meshkov 2009-03-24