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This project will shut down


The Alchemist project will shut down for the following reasons
- none of the contributors still have a Korg Triton
- the Tritons are superseeded by M3, or better by the KRONOS
- this project is in alpha state, never finished, and stalled for 10 years now.

The project will be removed soon.

Posted by Xavier Miller 2013-03-26

Alchemist 0.5.1 is out!

Voil, as promised, Alchemist 0.5.1 is released. It features in a nice GUI:
- Alchemist 0.5 (Trinity to Triton)
- Le2Classic 1.0
- Mid2Sng 1.0.2 (bugfixed)

Have fun with it :)


Posted by Xavier Miller 2003-04-01

A new release is near!


I am very busy writing a multi-platform version of Alchemist, 0.5 (including Le2Classic and Mid2Sng) using wxWindows. The Win32 version works, the Mac is almost OK, and the Unix/GTK has to be fixed...

It is reasonable to plan a stable release for april.


Posted by Xavier Miller 2003-03-22

Happy new year !


Good news for Macintosh users : I just got CodeWarrior Pro 8, so that I could port Alchemist and Co for the Mac.

Good news for all : the next Alchemist release will use wxWindows, a graphical framework : the console will be forgetten :)


Posted by Xavier Miller 2003-01-04

2nd.evidence joined the SourceForge project

2nd.evidence, the father of MOSSquito is now integrated in the SourceForge project (alias sebastienv).

Welcome back, Seb!

Posted by Xavier Miller 2002-03-18

le2classic 1.0 sources available

Posted by Xavier Miller 2002-02-24

le2classic 1.0 released!

This new tool converts Triton LE PCGs and SNGs to the "Classic" Triton format...

Posted by Xavier Miller 2002-02-20

mid2sng 1.0.1

Yet out, yet a new fix: version 1.0 didn't manage correctly the meter and tempo change. Now that is fixed.

Some strange issues on rare midi files have to be fixed...


Posted by Xavier Miller 2002-02-05

mid2sng available

Converts Standard Midi Files (formats 0 and 1) to Triton SNG file format, so that Triton Rack users could play MIDI files...

Posted by Xavier Miller 2002-02-03

mid2sng soon available

Ben and I are proud to announce a new companion for Alchemist: MID2SNG, that will convert SMF files to Korg Triton SNG format. So the Triton Rack users will be able to load SMF files in their babies ;-)

Release date: round 3 February 2002.


Posted by Xavier Miller 2002-02-02

Alchemist developments are restarted!


Since mid-january 2002, Ben Crossman joined the team; he is working on a midi to sng converter, very useful for Triton Rack users.

Meanwhile Xavier rewrite Korglib so that it will be more flexible for new Korg products (Karma, Triton LE and ... Triton Studio !)


Posted by Xavier Miller 2002-01-17