Feature Request

  • I'd like to have an option in the right-click menu to switch to another directory of mp3s. For example, I usually point AL to D:\mp3, but would like an option to switch it to E:\new_mp3.

    I don't want to view them both at the same time (I know this is possible already), but would like the option to switch between different "profiles" via the menu.

    Thanks :)

    • Jim

      This is a great idea, I came here to suggest it myself!  I separate my MP3s into folders by \Genre\Artist - Album\, and I'd like it if I could be only looking at one genre of albums at a time in the album list.

    • Directory switching would be really desirable for different file types kept in different folders, ie. from
      D:\MP3 to D:\WAV

    • Maybe tabbed switching would be nice?

    • I second that.

      am using:
      \genre\artist - year - album\ (really the easiest way to manage 1000+ albums)

      would be handy to quickly see only \Jazz\*\ when feeling jazzy and only \Heavy Metal\*\ when feeling heavy :-)