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#8 Run search with many sources leads to Router crash


I'm using AlbumArt Downloader v 0.42.1 (but the problem was present in earlier versions too); If I enable several filters together (let's say 10-12 or so) then I run a search (i.e. "Pink Floyd" / "The Wall"), the program starts great but after a few seconds my ADSL router (Dlink DSL-2542B) stops working and there's no way to connect to internet nor to the router itself; The only way to bring it back to life is to turn it off/on. :-(

I think that's because so many TCP requests at the same time have the same effect as a Denial Of Service attack on my poor router.
Maybe a firmware update could solve that but unfortunately, until now, i'm not been able to find any FW version which was recognized as "compatible" by the router... Most probably another bug in that buggy device :-/

OK, my opinion is that the router is guilty, and i'm planning to replace it in a short time; However, I think having an option which allows to set the maximum number of requests that the scripts can issue to remote servers (or the maximum number of scripts that can be run at the same time) would be useful for other users too.

Could it be implemented?

Thanks for your attention!

Max - Italy


  • AlexVallat

    By design, Album Art Downloader will simultaneously search all selected sources. Each source individually will only make a single request at a time, though.

    To limit the number of simultaneous requests, select fewer sources. You might also choose to have many sources selected, but have only a few of them set as "Search First", that way the others will only be searched if the first ones found no results. (https://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/album-art/index.php?title=Search_First)

    If it isn't simultaneous requests that are the problem, but the total number of requests, then as well (or instead of) selecting fewer scripts, you could also limit the number of results each script is allowed to return. This will reduce the number of requests made to download thumbnails. (https://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/album-art/index.php?title=The_Sources_List)

    Finally, if you have automatic downloading of full sized images turned on, then try setting that to Never. That will also reduce the number of requests made, as it won't be downloading full sized images for all results.

    I hope this helps.