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Using Image Type to decide the saved to" name

  • Bernd Wechner
    Bernd Wechner

    I'm wondering if this is already possible and if not offer it as a simply feature request.


    I store my cover images in the same folder as the music files themselves with the names "Cover.jpg" and "Back.jpg" by default. I have software I use that uses this convention for display of the images during playback.

    On the File Browser window I am asked to "Specify path to find images:".

    I observe this is one value and not two, and I enter "Cover.jpg" and have been working this way for ages with joy and success.

    It however knows nothing of my Back.jpg images.

    Not a big drama. But I notice that on the Search Window results each image has an associated Type and it is quite clever from many sites at determining whether it is Front or Back.

    If I click Save howver it will always save for me as Cover.jpg. Regardless of the type. So for Back images I alter the filename under the thumbnail (overwriting Cover with Back) and click save. And all is good.

    Given the software mostly knows that it's a Front or Back image anyhow it strikes me this manual step is highly amenable to automation.

    Perhaps if on the File Browser the "Specify path to find images:" were not one but two boxes asking "Specify path to find front images:" and "Specify path to find back images:", I could enter Cover.jpg and Back.jpg and this would all be automated.

    Perhaps there is already some wonderful syntax supported in that box by which I can say something like:

    if (Type=Front) "Cover.jpg" else if (type=Back) "Back.jpg"

    which is of course another (less lucid and more codecentric) way of specifying the same. I somehow doubt it does support this, but perhaps there is some other mechanism for automating this choice.

    My most common modus operandi is to run the File Browser via a Windows explorer shortcut menu invocation, click "Select albums with missing artwork" (it would rock if these were selected by default and save me a click every single time) then "Get Artwork for Selection...."

    This throws up a pile of Search Windows that do their work.

    On the whole a rocking piece of software and kudos to the providers with gratitude beyond compare expressed. Easily the best I have found trialling many offerings google suggests.

    • AlexVallat

      Hello, and thanks for your comments. It's always nice to know when my work is appreciated. Some of what you've asked for is already possible, but not quite all.

      In the File Browser, you can specify multiple image paths by separating them with a | character. You could enter "Cover.jpg|Back.jpg" and it would find files named either of those. The default filename to save as would still always be Cover.jpg, though, as it just uses the first of the options provided.

      There is a way to automatically name the files based on whether they are the front or the back cover, by including %type% in the path pattern. Unfortunately, this wouldn't quite match the scheme you use, though, as if you had "Cover-%type%.jpg", for example, you would get Cover-Front.jpg and Cover-Back.jpg (and potentially Cover-Unknown.jpg for some sources), neither of which are quite right for you.

      There is already a feature request to be able to customise what values %type% would fill in; you could then say that Front should be "Cover" and Back should be "Back", and have a filename of just %type%.jpg. It is: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=2796911&group_id=187008&atid=919578

      I hope this helps,