It's just a matter of whom the press will take pity on.
The Zune is so close to being a great device, too bad it misses the mark. I did a quick search for one of the products, the Kodak EasyShare C743 Digital Camera.
Wouldn't be too hard to do, would it?
At the moment I'm making do with a Fujitsu B142 from '99.
you can't have portability with poor battery life and hard drives dying from bouncing around in your bag. It is available in black only, and is that same portable media player that we have told you all about in the past. So what does this mean? But according to previews of the new Photoshop, there's a lot of cool stuff going into it, including tools for video editors and people working in forensics (! Note the lack of Freehand and GoLive. It's the RIAA going after the "low hanging fruit" instead of the real pirates found at the harder to reach "top of the tree". I hate DRM and don't support it. Shant we all glimmer wift hoope!
Being young or on social security is not evidence of a person's inherent goodness. I didn't even realize that was Gene Simmons! I am glad HANNSpree finally created a fry TV. Could this be a terrorist device?
I just saw Runaway recently and lemme tell you: it kicks ass.
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