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O-ncol+ogy M+e.d+. I'n*c'. (OT,C: ONCO,) a C+ancer Treatme.n-t Solut-i+ons Grou-p is s-a,i'd to h a.v'e
e'xper.ienced o'v,e'r a 10 00% i_ncreas'e in reve_-nues f_o*r t+h e fisca'l 3,r+d qu,arter J'u*l+y_,
2-0_0_7 c*ompar,ed w,i+t'h t_h'e pr'ior y*e,a r wh+ile fis+cal f-ourth quarte r resu+lts f o_r 2+0,0 7 a r-e on
tr+ack to e*xceed t'h*i_s year+ís thi,rd q+uarter results .
O,N.C,O addit'io nally pla-ns to increas -e se'rvice o_ffering.s whic.h a_r,e current*l.y underway,_.
D.onít w.a*i-t f+o+r t-h,e n+e-w s to c+o+m.e o.u,t a.n_d l o s.e t,h e oppor,tuni-ty to g_e_t in fr_ont of the
ge*neral i+nvestin.g public . Onco*,logy M*e_d is in a m._ultibillion do,llar indust'.ry w*h e,r*e
t_h'e-y a*r+e ga_ining mar*ket sh-are rapidly_.
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