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AIE image editor

  • anish chandran
    anish chandran

            am installing the AIE . But the functioning of crope ,rotate etc is not working . The image loaded the editor when the apply button click no change happend the image. I trace the code i can find the page biledserver.php one exec command executed but that comand not executed in my system, taht command is enabled any suggectios please

  • Hai, maybe the write-rights are not set properly?

  • Arun V
    Arun V

    Hi Julian,
    I got the editor working and the image is showing in the editor, even i am facing this issue. When we change the image(ie., crop, add text, change the orientation etc) and press apply button, the changes are not affected on the saved image, but, as you told to check the write-rights of the file, added a command shell_exec to change the rights after copy.
    That did not help.

  • You have to press the "save"-button on the lower right to save the changes on the original file.

  • Arun V
    Arun V

    Julian, I think you did not get my question right, in your demo site when you add text to image the changes will be displayed in the editor, similarly it has to happen in my localhost right???
    That is not happening(when apply button is pressed the text crated will be erased), in the temp folder it will create 4 files and one file will have the text edited as image.

  • You can check the new loaded image with Firebug and download and open it in a text editor. Check if you see some PHP errors in there.

  • Arun V
    Arun V

    No, Julian…there aren't any errors but the saved file does not update the changes made.