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AKO Robot Development Kit / News: Recent posts

Mailing Lists Created

Two mailing lists for Project AKO have been created. ako-akoi2c is devoted to the development and use of the AKOI2C I2C coprocessor. The second list, ako-devel, is devoted to general Project AKO development.

Access to these lists is available at http://sf.net/projects/ako.

I just created these lists a couple of minutes ago, so it may be a few hours before you can join them.

Posted by Geoffrey Wossum 2001-08-03

Component Firmware Release

The first release of the AKO component firmware is now available from http://sf.net/projects/ako. This release includes the Component Independent Firmware (CIF), along with Component Specific Firmware (CSF) for digital I/O (DIO), stepper motor control, mobile base unit (MBU), and infrared proximity sensor. Also included are schematics and board layouts for the DIO and AKONET hub.

Posted by Geoffrey Wossum 2001-08-03