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Special Characters

  • Hi all,

    i have some problems with ajax:displayTag, if the render page contains special characters (áéí...). I do not see the values correctly. My page is encoded with UTF-8.

    My application is with Struts 2, Ajaxtags 1.5 and DisplayTag 1.2.


    • The problem is when parse de html source to xml. The source code contains special characters(áéíóú...) and generate code is not correct.    
      This occurs when the attribute titleKey of display:column tag are present. If instead of using the attribute titleKey use the title attribute of the special characters are displayed correctly.

      Any solution?


    • Jens Kapitza
      Jens Kapitza

      this sounds like an wrong encoding (are your jsp's all in UTF-8)
      is the client correct?
      server in UTF-8 (tomcat use default(file)-encoding=utf8?)

  • This is because you use messages from .properties file - .properties are officially (see java.util.Properties javadoc) read as ASCII (ISO-8859-1).