No onclick on callout tag

  • Hi there,

    Until recently I was using ajaxtags 1.1, in particular the callout tag. In version 1.1 there was a eventType parameter which allowed you to specify whether the callout should occur on mouseover or onclick. In version 1.2 this parameter is gone. On the migration information site you are sying 'use overlib to set OverLIB properties'. I don't understand how this should work. as far as I can see the setting of the event handler is done in setListeners(), which iterates over the elements and attaches a mouseover event to all of them. I can change it there to onclick and now I have the old functionality back, but of course now any mouseovers won't work.

    My questions is, is there really a way to user the overlib parameters to make the callout work for a onclick event and if so how? And if not, are you planning to put the eventType parameter (or equivalent) back as paramter?


    • Hi, I'm Rossi Davide from italy.
      i have the same problem and to solve it i've modified the ajaxtags.js setListeners function
      like this
      for (var i=0; i<elemList.length; i++) {
              //elemList[i].onmouseover = this.calloutMouseover.bindAsEventListener(this);
              elemList[i].onclick = this.calloutMouseover.bindAsEventListener(this);
              //elemList[i].onmouseout = this.calloutMouseout.bindAsEventListener(this);

      i think this can solve your problem!!

      • when i reffering the tabpanel example that working on the onclick event. i tried to change that in to mouse mover. but i coldnt find the way in ajaxtags1.2. can anyone help me.  

      • IceCubeR

        Hi Davide i'm Stefano from Bologna!

    • Yes, I also modified the setListeners function, but I made it inspect the class of what it's listening to. IE If it is somethingClick, then we know we want to bind onclick.

      It would not be too hard to extend/modify the tag to take this as an attrbute.

    • musachy

      In the latest cvs code, there is a openEventType, and closeEventType that you can use to specify the events that will open/close the box.

  • Ricardo Coelho
    Ricardo Coelho

    Hi Estefahan

    I put "click" on openEventType propertie! I have some troubles with that. I hope could helped you