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New releases

I've just made a minor update to the 0.4 that adds a little bit of extra functionality and fixes a couple of things.

Additionally, I've released 1.0.0a, which is just a fancy way of saying that the new version is somewhat different to 0.4x, but that it's still in alpha.

It's essentially the same core code, but I've cleaned it up a bit and removed all javascript generation stuff. that's because i think it can be done better with libraries like Prototype and Scriptaculous / Openrico.... read more

Posted by Quentin Zervaas 2006-01-29

AjaxAC 1.0 details

I have just started a new branch of the AjaxAC code, which I've called 1.0-alpha-1

Once this version is complete it will become version 1 of AjaxAC.

The major changes from the current AjaxAC to version 1.0, will be that the codebase will be consolidated moreso to primarily deal with the backend aspects of AJAX applications.

Along with this, the JavaScript that comes with AjaxAC will be decoupled (i.e. removed), and a more "standard" library (which at this stage is likely to be 'prototype.js' from the Ruby on Rails project) will be integrated... read more

Posted by Quentin Zervaas 2005-11-06


I have just released 0.4.5 of AjaxAC, which adds the ability to easily define custom response handlers.

This allows you to format your generated data however you like and attach your own mime type.

It is completely backwards compatible with previous code so you should be able to update without affecting any existing applications.

Basically, to create a custom response handler, create a function called:... read more

Posted by Quentin Zervaas 2005-10-25

0.4.4 released

We have just released version 0.4.4 of AjaxAC.

The most notable improvements are to do with the handling of errors with the XMLHttpRequest object. It is now possible to add callbacks to different HTTP status codes (previously you could only handle a 200 response code). It is also possible to do a 'catch all' callback, which will be called for any status codes not previously handled.

Additionally, there is now debug capabilities for server-side processing, using the debug() method. Examples of usage have not yet been included in the sample applications, but they will eventually.... read more

Posted by Quentin Zervaas 2005-08-07

0.4.3 released

There was a slight error in the 0.4.2 release which could potentially generate a PHP warning for undefined variable.

This has been fixed, and an extra parameter for choosing the script name has been added.

Posted by Quentin Zervaas 2005-07-06

0.4.2 released

We have just released version 0.4.2 of AjaxAC, which addresses a few issues people were having with integrating with their existing applications.

The first of these is setting the charset parameter for the content-type header of returned subrequest data

The second is the ability to alter how the action parameter is submitted/handled for sub-requests. Previously it was like index.php/someaction, where as now it can be something like index.php?action=someaction... read more

Posted by Quentin Zervaas 2005-07-06

0.4.1 released

We have just released version 0.4.1 of AjaxAC, which contains 1 new sample application, and a number of minor fixes/changes

The most notable change is the removal of the main AjaxAC class, which turned out to be extra overhead that wasn't really required. The functionality this class performed has been moved to the AjaxACApplication class, which all classes extend from.

Posted by Quentin Zervaas 2005-06-29

Comprehensive AjaxAC tutorial

We have just written an article for phpRiot (http://www.phpriot.com) which shows the process of creating an Ajax application with AjaxAC from start to finish.

The application created is a clone of Google Suggest.

The article can be found at http://www.phpriot.com/d/articles/php/application-design/google-suggest-ajaxac/index.html

Posted by Quentin Zervaas 2005-06-15

0.4 released

We have just released version 0.4 of AjaxAC, which contains a large number of major updates.

This also includes a new example application, called GoogleSuggestCloneJax, which as its name suggests, is a clone of Google Suggest.

This example doesn't have a lot of documentation, but an extensive tutorial detailing creation of this application from start to finish has been written and will be published shortly.

Posted by Quentin Zervaas 2005-06-10

0.3.1 released

We have just released the next minor revision to AjaxAC, which contains a few small improvements, including:

- Beginning work on a standard data exchange format by providing a function for sending data
- Adding JS code to improve dealing with received data

We're in the process of creating GoogleSuggestCloneJax, which as its name suggests is a clone of Google's Suggest.

We are developing as a comprehensive tutorial for learning how to use AjaxAC, so it will still be a few weeks away (it'll be announced here when it's ready and the code will be included in the respective release)

Posted by Quentin Zervaas 2005-06-06