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Invision Power Board (IPB) Integration?

  • Ryan

    Has anybody tried integrating this with IPB message boards, similar to how there's a VB and phpBB version? I'm not too code savvy, but I'm willing to give it a go since this is by far the best free chat application I've stumbled across yet. I figured I'd ask if somebody else might already have figured out what to put in /lib/custom.php before I spent a few hours working on it myself.

    • Ryan

      Phil, thanks for the tip, but I actually use TextMate on a Macbook. Haven't touched Notepad in years :)

      I've got a copy of Coda somewhere around here though. I'll try using that and seeing if it helps any.

    • Ryan

      I take it by the silence that it's a negative on an IPB integration? I had a further look at the code and realized it's a bit above my skill level.

    • Ryan

      I'd be willing to pay for somebody to integrate this with IPB, hint hint :D

    • Sgt Dak
      Sgt Dak

      I just completed th AJAX Chat integration with IPB :

      First download IPBWI (Invision Power Board Website Integration), it's easy to find and edit its config file (hope you can do this by your own).

      Then for AJAX Chat :

      1) edit /lib/custom.php
      // Include custom libraries and initialization code here

      // Error Output
      echo $ipbwi->printSystemMessages();

      Note here that error messages will display very wrongly as they'll be printed before the <?xml tag.

      2) edit /lib/class/CustomAJAXChat.php
      class CustomAJAXChat extends AJAXChat {

          // Initialize custom request variables:
          function initCustomRequestVars() {
              global $ipbwi;

              // Auto-login IPB users:
              if(!$this->getRequestVar('logout') && $ipbwi->member->isLoggedIn()) {
                  $this->setRequestVar('login', true);

          // Returns true if the userID of the logged in user is identical to the userID of the authentication system
          // or the user is authenticated as guest in the chat and the authentication system
          /*function revalidateUserID() {
              global $ipbwi;
              $m_info = $ipbwi->member->info();
              if($this->getUserRole() === AJAX_CHAT_GUEST && !$ipbwi->member->isLoggedIn() || ($this->getUserID() === $m_info["id"])) {
                  return true;
              return false;

          // Returns an associative array containing userName, userID and userRole
          // Returns null if login is invalid
          function getValidLoginUserData() {
              global $ipbwi;

              if ($ipbwi->member->isLoggedIn()) {
                  $m_info = $ipbwi->member->info();
                  $userData = array();
                  $userData["userID"] = $m_info["id"];
                  $userData["userName"] = $this->trimUserName($m_info["members_display_name"]);
                  if ($ipbwi->member->isAdmin()) {
                      $userData["userRole"] = AJAX_CHAT_ADMIN;
                  } elseif ($ipbwi->member->isSuperMod()) {
                      $userData["userRole"] = AJAX_CHAT_USER;
                  } else {
                      $userData["userRole"] = AJAX_CHAT_USER;
                  return $userData;
              } else {
                  // Guest users
                  return $this->getGuestUser();

          // Store the channels the current user has access to
          // Make sure channel names don't contain any whitespace
          function &getChannels() {
              if($this->_channels === null) {
                  $this->_channels = array();
                  $allChannels = $this->getAllChannels();
                  // Get the channels, the user has access to:
                  if($this->getUserRole() != AJAX_CHAT_GUEST) {
                      $validChannels = $allChannels;
                  // Add the valid channels to the channel list (the defaultChannelID is always valid):
                  foreach($this->getAllChannels() as $key=>$value) {
                      // Check if we have to limit the available channels:
                      if($this->getConfig('limitChannelList') && !in_array($value, $this->getConfig('limitChannelList'))) {
                      if(in_array($value, $validChannels) || $value == $this->getConfig('defaultChannelID')) {
                          $this->_channels[$key] = $value;
              return $this->_channels;

          // Store all existing channels
          // Make sure channel names don't contain any whitespace
          function &getAllChannels() {
              if($this->_allChannels === null) {
                  // Get all existing channels:
                  $customChannels = $this->getCustomChannels();
                  $defaultChannelFound = false;
                  foreach($customChannels as $key=>$value) {
                      $forumName = $this->trimChannelName($value);
                      $this->_allChannels[$forumName] = $key;
                      if($key == $this->getConfig('defaultChannelID')) {
                          $defaultChannelFound = true;
                  if(!$defaultChannelFound) {
                      // Add the default channel as first array element to the channel list:
                      $this->_allChannels = array_merge(
              return $this->_allChannels;
          function &getCustomUsers() {
              // List containing the registered chat users:
              $users = null;
              return $users;
          function &getCustomChannels() {
              // List containing the custom channels:
              $channels = null;
              return $channels;

      The channel list is not working properly and I don't get ay forum list (I still use the custom channel list), but at least, the users don't have to login to AJAX Chat.

      Hope it helps

      • kriko kriko
        kriko kriko

        Very usefull. I was able to integrate with IPB 2.3.6.

    • Oh nice.

      You can still manually add channels if you can't get that working automatically. A-la wiki:


      so not a big deal

    • Ryan

      Thanks for posting this solution, I somehow missed it months ago!

      Unfortunately for me after I followed the instructions, I simply got a bunch of error messages at the top of my chat box and the chat itself didn't work. Most of the errors seem to be variations of

      Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/admin/public_html/forums/chat/lib/class/CustomAJAXChat.php:132) in /home/admin/public_html/forums/chat/lib/class/AJAXChatHTTPHeader.php on line 45

      while the topmost error is

      Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/admin/public_html/forums/chat/lib/class/CustomAJAXChat.php:132) in /home/admin/public_html/forums/chat/lib/class/AJAXChat.php on line 2471

      Any idea what I may be doing wrong?

    • Yes. Never use notepad or word to edit php files


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