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Ajax chat only show what I do.....

  • Dan Ohlsson
    Dan Ohlsson

    I'm using SMF 2.0.2 and the latest Ajax chat and i worked fine for 3 weeks.
    Now the ShoutBox only show what I do nothing else…
    And the chat-window show nothing!!!!
    When i go in to phpmyadmin and locking at the database I can see users write.
    The chat dosen't read the database!
    Also the message is in the "smf_ajaxchat_messages"

    I can't remember I'd changing anything, I can do very little in the control-panel!
    I hope somebody can help

    /Dan Ohlsson

  • If chat messages are being stored in the database but not displayed, it's probably a time zone issue with the server.

    Actually I got this problem on my own server when my host decided to change the time zone.

    Try setting $config = true; in lib/config.php