phpbb3 shoutbox input and logs

  • sergepertsev

    Hey guys! I played with code and searched the board, but still end up needing your help.

    I got the phpBB3 Ajax Chat (v 0.8.6) and phpBB3 3.0.11 board.

    It was easy to install chat in ".../forum/chat" and as a shoutbox, but got 2 small (i hope small) problems.

    1) I want shoutbox ONLY to display messages, just to show what is happening in the chat right now.
    I mean just the window (box) with messages with no option of input from shoutbox.
    To join chat users have to click "join chat" and that will take them to "".

    Shoutbox does show messages, but it doesn't update (refresh) upon new messages, to see them you have to refresh the forum page or join chat from shoutbox (get connected), that is not good in my case.

    Reason is that because i want guests to be able to join chat, but when guests visit shoutbox in chat automatically there is a user (guests) with random number like (659743), it is not convenient for everyone.
    Guest can see what is happening in chat from shoutbox, then click on "join chat" get to ".../forum/chat" and enter some nick and join

    i can remove input from shoutbox by editing shoutbox.html. Just remove:

    "ajaxChatConfig.domIDs['inputField'] = 'ajaxChatInputField';"  then i will find how to actually hide the box.

    But then chat doesn't auto refresh...
    Maybe to shoutbox.html or shoutbox.js can be added something like

    // The time in ms between update calls to retrieve new chat messages:
            timerRate: 2000,

    don't know how though... 

    2) less important, but still i need a good archive/log system.
    Just a page that everyone (guests, users, admins) can open and just see messages from chat for today, 2 days ago, month or so.

    Now there is only ?view=logs for admin where is also private messages are shown...

    I need page for everyone to place where only messages from public chat can be seen. 
    Users like to see what they missed over night or when they were on vacation or so.

    Anyway i really hope you can help me with this.

    Here is a screenshot  what i mean.