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Some mods

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  • Sergio Avila
    Sergio Avila

    didn't know this was still here. link up again…

    • stfu

      hi do you still have the modded chat? and would you be willing to provide a little help to point me in the right direction with a few things? i used to have a copy of this but it has been lost in time somewhere ha ha

  • ~cXc~

    Any chance you know where this can be found now or could link to this again?

    Last edit: ~cXc~ 2013-02-15
  • Peter James
    Peter James

    download links not working ...

  • Guys, the AJAX Chat project was moved to github. You can find the front page here: http://frug.github.com/AJAX-Chat/

    I have provided a download link to a tabbed (using iframes) version of chat that some Brazilian users once made if you look under the news section. I'm not offering support for it though, and it's not official.

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