#41 Socks Server Lag


Hi there,

I'm running AJAX Chat 0.8.2 "standalone" (but integrated into my personal CMS) and have been trying to get the included Ruby socks server rolling. I've come far enough that the flash permissions etc allow people to connect, and if I allow * for broadcasts I can watch posts in real-time through the log file, however in the chat UI peoples' messages cut off until I post something. That is to say, when the socks server is enabled in the config file, very shortly after no more updates are seen in the message buffer until something by the viewing user is posted, then as many lines that they have missed suddenly appear in correct order.

This has been confirmed to affect ALL of my users, the kind of load I have tested this under is active 15-20 user chat. Wish I knew ruby so I could help out :(


  • Nico Weinreich
    Nico Weinreich

    Same here, port is allowed in firewall. Without socket server, the chat updates on interval given in js-config file. With socket server the chat updates, when users posts comments or automatically after a long while (a half minute or longer).