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Aitolikon / News: Recent posts

New homepage, new all

From now on, refer to the home page for everything: news, downloads, documentation and so on. Of course source and binary files will be distributed here as well. A new forum will be opened as (and if) it will be useful.

Posted by Fabio Concas 2004-01-22

Moustar Labs dismounting

After three years of service, the university asked us to dismountle our lab in the sewers. That's very sad; now Kermesse, Kr3ios and I can only work at home. Mousoft and Moustar Labs will continue to live in our hearts (and minds).

Posted by Fabio Concas 2002-12-12

Still alive

My colleagues and I are currently finishing to work on another project. Being in the final part, we'll dedicate to it before coming back to Aitolikon. I wanted some admins to take this in te meanwhile, but I found no one for now...
Anyway, we'll be back soon.

Posted by Fabio Concas 2002-10-17

Added (basic) object class

Object class started, now the skeleton of the game has almost got all its bones...

Posted by Fabio Concas 2002-05-24

New code

I added the language class code made by Alessandro, it's almost finished, for now I just added a basic interface to it for the dialog class.
Also, collision detection system work is in progress... it makes the game freeze, but it's a starting point =o

Posted by Fabio Concas 2002-05-23

Mailing list

Opened the mailing list for developers... hope it'll demonstrate useful =o)
Subscribe!!! ;o)

Posted by Fabio Concas 2002-04-26

Doctor Kermesse

Cristiano's graduated in informatics with the maximum of the points yesterday.
Many compliments!!! Now we hope we'll have again his effort =o)

Posted by Fabio Concas 2002-04-18


Pantheon and the Compendium are in the CVS, ready to be translater... enjoy ;o

Posted by Fabio Concas 2002-04-16

More to come

Some other people are about to join our project, and maybe I'll post new jobs to find another administrator =o
Anyway, Alex is doing a very good job with the language library, and it will semplify the work for the language developers in other languages (yes, you =o).
Everybody is doing well, and kermesse is about to get his informatics degree next month.
Tomorrow I'll meet kermesse and kr3ios to decide where to go the day after Eastern, but that's not an enteresting new...

Posted by Fabio Concas 2002-03-28

Planning Done

OK! We've got the full idea and project chart is complete. Minor details will be discussed when needed, but developers should start to work =o)
I'm writing down many notes for coders, now.
For dinner I had spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino, but you may not care about it.

Posted by Fabio Concas 2002-03-23

New people =o)

Welcome aboard! You'll receive the files you are to work on as soon as possible (this afternoon, if everything goes well).
Take all your time to do your job, nobody is chasing you =o), and feel free to make any question you want to me (expecially technical questions) or to kr3ios (questions regarding the storyline or everything about the mythos).
Also, I don't want bored developers, so, if anything is wrong, just say =o)
Good work!

Posted by Fabio Concas 2002-03-19

Project Chart

First version of the complete project chart is ready, and it has been added to the repository (under doc dir).
Detailed instructions for each of the developers will be given as more people will join, and then the tasks are assigned.

Posted by Fabio Concas 2002-03-17

New members

Cristiano has joined us!
He's a professional analizer/tester and developer and he's about to get his informatics degree.
Welcome aboard!

Posted by Fabio Concas 2002-03-10

Project Started

Planning stage almost finished.
Some code has been written as a base for the main program and for the language library.
Graphics artwork has also started with the map of Aitolikon and some charachters (made by Antonello who will soon join as an official member).

Posted by Fabio Concas 2002-03-10