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Ala Hadid

AHD ID3 Tag Editor is a powerful tool designed to work with Windows®. It permits you to edit and create the ID3 Tag for mp3 files. For more information about ID3 Tag, please visit:

AHD ID3 Tag Editor is written in C# using .NET Framework platform.

AHD ID3 Tag Editor is an application that can edit ID3 Tag of mp3 files, include all professional tools for editing all versions of ID3 Tag (1.0, 1.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4). The core built depending on the official docs that provided at, all formats that supported by current version are implemented 100% (for example, the comments format includes language selection, field for content descrip and the comment and you can edit them all by AITE).

Add files to the list and manage the list, save it to file or to internal list. Select files in the list then edit directly. You can open files for edit without using lists too. That's how AITE work in short.

No need to open window each time to edit, use the tab pages directly to edit tag !! just select them then edit tag in one tab page. For example, you can use the images manager tab page to edit pictures directly then save changes. In quick edit tab page, you can use the dynamic codes to go beyond text editing like <sequence> code which allows to make numbers in sequence for the Track field.

Synchronized Lyrics frame is implemented 100% which is like the subtitles in movies. You can import or export subtitles format file. So create subtitles for mp3 file using AHD Subtitles Maker software and import them directly for the same mp3 in AHD ID3 Tag Editor


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  • Telegraf

    I've got W7. First AITE fired up without problems, but now it fails with the exception I enclose. Reinstall didn't help.

  • Ala Hadid
    Ala Hadid

    The problem is with unrecognized settings for the program, to solve it, please follow these steps:
    1 Go to "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\AHD" folder while <username> is the current user name.
    2 Delete all folders may exist there.
    3 Try to run AITE, it should work fine as new.
    Hope this help.