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ASTRIX/AISF Project Website is Available

The Website for this project is now up at

Posted by Aaron Smith 2004-02-17

New AISF driver source Directories available

New Drivers for the AISF have been placed in the ASTRIX cvs directory. Also coming soon is the latest revision of the Astronomical Instrumentation Software Specification. New functions have also been added to allow creation of a standard deviation image, though they are currently malfunctioning.

Posted by Aaron Smith 2004-02-17

AISF & ASTRIX Pre-1 comming soon

The Astronomical Instrumentation Software Framework is coming into CVS along with ASTRIX, a GTK+ application utilizing the framework API. The hold up is that the only functional driver is for electronics made by Astro-Cam ( this driver is rudimentary and does not allow you to perform all the nifty functions these electronics are capable of I am waiting on delivery of an SBIG ST-7, so that I may develop an SBIG driver for AISF.

Posted by Aaron Smith 2004-01-29