DWL-G520+ with airsnort

  • dextroenergy

    Hi all,

    I got a strange issue with airsnort:

    What I currently do is start Wellenreiter wireless scanner, I assume which puts the card into monitor mode.
    Next I start airsnort and everything is ok, it starts capturing packages.
    However, after a while both programs suddenly stop with capturing.

    The system is not hanging, it's just a weird effect so I'm a bit confused how this is caused.
    As we speak it hangs on 353 packets

    Anybody have had the same problem as me ?
    All solutions are welcome.


    • jaymill

      With the correct drivers(I know they are out there for DWL-g520) there is NO NEED for a secondary program to put the card into monitor mode! There is more then likely a conflict between airsnort and this other program which causes airsnort to loose all of the packets it would normally be recieving.

    • dextroenergy

      Hey Jaymill,

      I currently installed the asx100 drivers based on some threads I found on another forum.
      However when I put the card into monitor mode by using iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor, airsnort is still not able to capture any packages.
      I am currently trying the above mentionned combination again and it is still running -:)

      I use the Wellenreiter with airsnort on my laptop and it works smooth as hell..

      I hope it keeps running now..

      Regards and thnx for your help regarding the update of the drivers