Case Studies

  • koayhc

    Can I say something....If we want to crack or gte some WEP keys, we want to do it in 10, 20 or 30 minutes...Who have the fucking time to wait for 40, 50, 60 or 70 hours...Unless I am unemployed....Can't AirSnort do something cracking in 5 or 10 minutes time??????

  • jaymill

    Windows XP
    Linksys wpc11 v4
    flooded network
          -instead of using massive amounts of pings, I did something much easier, I sat there and transfered files between my home PC and my Brothers PC and read everything on my laptop.

    This took me about 25 minutes with these stats....

    packets: 811687
    encrypted: 797621
    interesting: 1126
    unique: 787609

    it was a 10 number code(which I think is 128 bit)

    I am pumped because I am going to be able to get my damn schools WEP code and surf from school again. =)

  • Dom

    How long on average did it take to retrieve a key?
    2 hours
    How long was the key? 128bit
    What OS did you use? WIN XP
    What specific hardware/antenna? DLink dwlg650+
    Any stumbling blocks? Getting the correct drivers working for my card.

    I downloaded some files off bit torrent and had 2770 interesting packets