Mine says AIR-01-US next to the model number
my air-ap352e2r says AIR-US on it next to the part number which is AIR-AP352E2R-A-K9
Another interesting note...  The box for my lucent usb radios says not for EU countries but shows many other countries that it does work for (UK, GR, DK, FIN, CH, etc)  Interesting since it's power is only 30 mw.
Hope this helps,

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Hi Ognjen
the part number is the same for all PCM cards.
The Channel set and the available power depends on the "Radio Country Option" you have to oder with your PCM cards.
I don't think, that Cisco will not ship NA Channel Set outside USA........

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Hi all,
do you know the part number of Cisco 350 cards with the North America channel set?
AIR-PCI352 with ETSI set shipped to Europe comes with 50mW strength.
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