Hi Rahul,
As far as I see to communicate point-to-point u don't need a AP atall....
Use them in Ad Hoc Mode and set same channel on both the cards ....
No LEAP or WEP settings are required for 0 security ...
It should work fine ....
About having multiple boxes like these ... I'm trying the same and what I've found is put them in Ad Hoc mode all the points should communicate in same channel and "csma/ca" takes care of everything else ... Keep the pipe open ....
Let me know what are ur findings....
----------------Rahul Writes--------------------------
   I have a Cisco Aironet 340 WLAN setup.
1.I want to connect b/w 2 clients without going via
the base station (AP). I dont seem to be able to do
this. I power down the base station and try to
associate b/w 2 clients which seems to work, but data
transfer does not seem to work.

2. Is LEAP implemented on A340, cause the base station
management interface allows us to enable this under
security . I was wondering whether this is just at the
interface level.
3. And does the A340 driver implement any WLAN
security within the driver code?

Thanx a bunch,
Rahul Ravindran