Managed and Adhoc

  • David

    I would like to set up the following and I am wondering if it is possible.

    background eth0 is a cisco pci wireless card that provides  my internet connection via an associated AP in my desktop

    I would like to use the same card to comunicate between my desktop machine and my laptop.

    the laptop and the desktop are running debian
    laptop have a prism2.5 card desktop is cisco airnet 3500. The internet connection has no WEP but is mac address restricted.

    Is it possible I think what i am trying to do is:
    have eth0 as associated and managed at the same time (an aliased interface) ?
    if so how?
    and if it is possible can I limit output so that managed trafic goes through left antena and ad hoc trafic goes through right antena.

    Any ideas/sugestions