#3 airo: BAP setup error too many retries

Tony Burton

After the following message is logged on the console,
the radio driver (/proc interface) stops responding to
commands, and the CPU is 0% idle:

airo: BAP setup error too many retries

The message is repeatedly logged on the console, at
irregular intervals, and the computers can run for
several weeks before the problem occurs. When a
command is attempted with the /proc interface, the
following message is logged on the console:

airo: Max tries exceeded when issueing command

This problem has been observed on computers with a
Cisco AIR-PCM352 (PCMCIA) installed and computers with
a Cisco AIR-PCI352 (PCI) installed. They are all
running Debian GNU/Linux stable kernels (2.2.19),
PCMCIA-CS (3.1.22), and airo-linux (0.1).


  • Tony Burton
    Tony Burton

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    I have tried the driver on various platforms, with the same
    results. My latest tests have been with the following systems:
    1. Midori Liinux beta 3, Firmware Version: 4.25.23, Driver
    Version: Revision: 1.31
    2. RedHat Linux 7.3, Firmware Version: 4.25.05, Driver
    Version: airo.c 2.0 2001/01/22 (Benjamin Reed ) + MIC

    This is a particularly serious bug, because on the Midori
    platforms it prevents the module from being removed, thus
    requiring a hard reset.

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    I am having the same issue on the Linux-2.6.6. With
    different systems. Both systems using the AIR-PCI352. One
    with a P2D-DS Motherboard with dual 500MHz Pentium IIIs, and
    the other with a P2D-D Motherboard with dual 1GHz Pentium
    IIIs. Both have preempting enabled. It seems to occur only
    mostly durring heavy traffic (4-5 Mbit/sec of actual
    throughput), but has happened while relatively idle.

    Sometimes accompanied by this message:
    airo: Bad size: 8192

    -Patrick Moroney