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What about WiMax?

  • TimJowers

    How does this relate to 802.16/WiMax?

    • I did not know much about WiMax. So I've read Wikipedia as you suggest me.
      Well, WiMax is "point-to-multipoint". Airnet must not be, because in this case, you need to have a central point. If that point is know, all your network will be down. That's not what I meant by "Disaster Resistent".
      Yes, it could be rapidly reployed in a disaster area (by the way, was it during the Katarina days?).
      But I am not happy with that. I want to be sure that even if it is a worldwide desaster, plugged my PC and my radio emetor into solar cells, I will connect the whole world. I do not want to wait for compagnies or gov to do that for me, I want to do it by myself.
      So Airnet should be a wireless mesh network (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless_mesh_network), but multipoint-to-multipoint, or maybe better, peer-to-peer.