AIMLbot with libsl?

  • Theyain

    I remember seeing a tutorial on how to use AIMLbot with libsl so that anyone could use the bot in SL, but I can no longer find it.  I am in serious need of knowing how to do this.  So please, if anyone either has a copy of that tutorial or you know how to use the two, please tell me!

    • Hi,

      A quick google leads me to the following:

      Although it doesn't explain how AIMLBot was used with libSL it does tell you who did it. Perhaps you can contact them via the blog?

      As you probably know, I'm busy working on version 3.0 of AIMLBot. One of my aims is to provide short HowTos. I can't imagine integrating the bot with libSL would be hard so I might have a go myself when version 3.0 is ready and write it up.

      Too many interesting things to do and not enough time to do them in... ;-)

    • Jen Garrett
      Jen Garrett

      What all are you looking to do, I may be of help.


    • Not sure. Just proving that its possible to connect the bot to an avatar in SL and have it talk coherently would be nice! :-)