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Version 1.6.1 released!

I am pleased to announce the release of version 1.6.1.
This version is a minor update consisting on fixing 2 vulnerabilities, in addition fixing mobile statistics.
Therefore, this is a recommended update.

Posted by Adel 2011-07-13

A last goodbye to Angora Guestbook

Six years ago, I started a simple and basic PHP project called 'A Guestbook'. The idea was to use this project as a testbed for my PHP language learning.

Since then the project has grown to a powerful, yet intuitive, PHP/MySQL guestbook.
The guestbook changed its name twice, first to 'AN Guestbook' then later to 'Angora Guestbook'.

The last version (1.6) has taken considerable delay to be released. This is not a coincidence.
Since autumn 2010, I started my Ph.D., thus leaving me with little spare time to continue working on Angora Guestbook.... read more

Posted by Adel 2011-05-19

Version 1.6 released!

I am glad to announce the released of version 1.6 of Angora Guestbook.

This version fixes several bugs discovered since the released of version 1.5, and therefore it is a recommended update.

We hope you enjoy this release!

Posted by Adel 2011-05-18

Version 1.5 released!

I am glad to announce the release of version 1.5.

This version introduces the support for reCaptcha, timezones, gzip compression for TinyMCE and various other fixes and improvements.

Also, visitors now can upload an image to an online host service directly from a TinyMCE button.

For our Arabic users, we added a Yamli plugin for TinyMCE which would allow visitors to write Arabic phonetically.

And finally, we have fixed one medium security vulnerability with this release.... read more

Posted by Adel 2010-06-22

Happy Pi Day

It’s March 14th, Pi Day!

Pi is a mathematical constant whose value is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameters. Pi is approximately equal to 3.1415926…

In the American date format (mm/dd), today is 3/14. At 1:59min and 26 seconds, the complete date will be, 3/14 1:59:26. That’s the first 7 decimals of Pi!

On this day, I would like to wish you a happy and pleasant day. Eat pies or try to recite the first decimals of Pi; your imagination is the only boundary of celebrating Pi Day in different ways.

Posted by Adel 2010-03-14

Angora Guestbook 1.2.1 released

Version 1.2.1 is released. It just fixed a small error in the emotions file for TinyMCE.

Posted by Adel 2010-01-14

Angora Guestbook 1.2 released

I am glad to announce the release of version 1.2 (codename Angerona).

This version fixes some bugs, updates TinyMCE, adds some new stats features, and adds a new captcha.

Get your copy today and download the full or the update version.

Posted by Adel 2010-01-13

Drop support for AN Guestbook 0.7.x

Starting from the 1st of January 2010, the support for AN Guestbook versions 0.7.x will end.
That means, no new release for the 0.7.x branch, in addition to the end of the forum and email support.

We encourage users to upgrade their version to Angora Guestbook 1.x.

Posted by Adel 2009-12-20

Sobek is coming... version 1.1

Angora Guestbook version 1.1 (codename Sobek) is under development and will be released soon.

This version will fix the errors and bugs revealed in version 1.0. It will also add mysqli support, enhanced statistics and few more languages.

Posted by Adel 2009-09-12

Spanish language included in Angora 1.0

The Angora Guestbook 1.0 package has been updated to include the spanish language files. No other changes has been made.

Posted by Adel 2009-07-05

Angora Guestbook version 1.0 released!

After a long wait, here it is! The cat is here!

This version 1.0 has been rewritten from scratch to build a new guestbook on solid base, and to deliver the better experience for our users.

Check its features on the project’s website, and download it now!

The 0.7.x branch for AN Guestbook will still be supported until the 3rd of September. This includes releasing security updates only and if necessarily.

Posted by Adel 2009-07-03

New forums

I am pleased to announce that the forums have moved to a new location :

The new forums use the hosted apps features in sourceforge and are powered by phpbb.

Posted by Adel 2009-06-28

Angora Guestbook 1.0 to be released in July

Angora Guestbook 1.0 (codename Wotan) is going to be released this July 2009.

So stay tuned for the release :)

Posted by Adel 2009-06-25

Version 0.7.8 released

Version 0.7.8 has been released.

This version fixes several usability bugs, and it is recommended.

Posted by Adel 2009-04-30

Version 0.7.8 soon

Several usability bugs has been discovered lately in the AN Guestbook 0.7.x series.

To address them, a cumulative update (version 0.7.8) will be released soon (in few weeks).

Posted by Adel 2009-04-13

Angora Guestbook 1.0 beta released

I am pleased to announce the availability of the beta version of Angora Guestbook 1.0.

Angora Guestbook is the new name for AN Guestbook.

The guestbook has been entirely rewritten with OO PHP and focus on security and usability.

As all betas, this release is not recommended to use in production or live site. This is just for testing.
Please report any bugs or errors to the forums, the tracker or the project's email.

Posted by Adel 2009-03-27

Announce project name change

I am pleased to announce that the next 1.0 version will have a new name: Angora Guestbook.

However, any new versions for the 0.7.x branch will still hold the old name: AN Guestbook.

In addition to the new name, a new logo is introduced.

These changes reflect the objective to carry the guestbook to a new level: the name will have less typo relations with me personally (AN refers to my name), and more to the project itself.... read more

Posted by Adel 2009-02-09

Version 0.7.7 released

Version 0.7.7 has been released.

It fixed one XSS vulnerability, in addition to the minor database bug.
As such, it is a highly recommended update.

This version, has also, the german and finish language, included by default in the archive.

Posted by Adel 2009-01-14

Fix for an XSS vulnerability

An XSS vulnerability has been detected in version 0.7.6 (and previous).

To fix it, download the patch, and upload the new fixed files.

Download patch :

3 files are affected :

Posted by Adel 2009-01-14

News from version 1.0

Version 1.0 is near... Development has been frozen.
This means, that all announced features (+some others) has been implemented, and the hunt for bugs is starting.

Next, i will post an alpha demo of the guestbook.

ANG version 1.0, is still scheduled for release for Q2/Q3 2009.

Posted by Adel 2009-01-13

Drop support for versions 0.5 and 0.6

Versions 0.5 and 0.6 are no longer supported.

This mean, that no new patch or updates will be released for them.
No more support from me for these versions in the forum.
And any new release of ANG will not include an upgrade script for these two versions.

I encourage everyone using one of these two versions (or older ones), to upgrade to the latest stable version (0.7.6).

Note that the next 1.0 version will only include an upgrade patch for versions in the 0.7.x branch.

Posted by Adel 2008-11-10

Minor database bug

A minor bug has been found in 0.7.x versions. The message type in admin_reply table was incorrect.

To fix it, download the database patch. (or you can fix it manually by modifying the type of 'message' in admin_reply from varchar(255) to text.

Link to the patch :

Posted by Adel 2008-10-26

Share your ideas for version 1.0 !

Welcome all,
If you have any suggestions or comments, an idea of a new (or an improve of a) feature, or you have a view of a new name/logo for the project..

Just go to the topic (link below) and share your ideas.


Link to the topic :

Posted by Adel 2008-09-30

ANG 1.0 under development

Well, we are close to the Gold !
Version 1.0 is under development, and will be released in 2009 (Q2 or Q3) !

This release is literally a complete rewrite of the guestbook.
This version will be more secure, performant, stable and powerful.

Some main features are (and not limited to) :
- a WYSIWYG secure text editor (tinymce), using the bbcode plugin.
- the use of xtemplate instead of the phpbb template system
- new classes to manage the guestbook (error management, databases, formatting, etc..)
- improved security checks, new captcha, etc..
- and much more to come !... read more

Posted by Adel 2008-09-24

Complete german language

Tim Eufinger has finished translating the guestbook to german.

You can now download the new german language archive, which contains the front-end and the administrator center translations.

Posted by Adel 2008-09-05