#19 Discrepancy between documentation and implemetation?

Haejoong Lee
File I/O (1)
Fredrik Karlsson


I just noticed a difference between the description in API documentation of AGLIB and the implementation description.

Here:http://agtk.sourceforge.net/doc/aglib/2.0/formats.html , it says that

Label format
# Format name: xlabel format
# AGLIB format name: XLabel
# Input/Output: yes/no
# Corpus Programming interface:

Load(format, filename, id, sigInfo, options)

returns a list of AGIds loaded
format: XLabel
filename: The common prefix of annotation file set to load.
id: AGId or AGSetId. If the object by the id doesn't exist, the loader will create one.
sigInfo: optional. See Load in AGAPI doc for the value.
options: optional, ignored

which I interpret as an ability to load multiple XLabel annotation files into the same AG in one go. This is of course what you would want.

However, the C++ API does not allow this way of handling XLabel files, only one-by-one loading into a AG by hand.

Is it possible to change this so that the extension of the files to be loaded could be given as options to the plugin, along with information on whether the annotation should be interpreted as an event tier or a segment tier?



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