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1.1.1 is released!

* fixed a bug related to IronPython and Python 3.3 (None is now a reserved keyword, so can't use attribute access for CLR classes that have "None" attributes)
* revamped logging
* expanded testing versions/variants
* migrated to Sphinx 1.1.3 and a new theme for documentation
* added sources for the movielisterapp to example/ in the distribution
* improved testing support (now supports 'python test')... read more

Posted by Matthew Zipay 2013-03-21

1.1.0 is released!

This is a minor release that adds a simpler programmatic configuration API (aglyph.binder).

Check out the updated documentation at

Download the source from

Posted by Matthew Zipay 2011-10-10

1.0.0 is released!

After a long hiatus and several rewrites, Aglyph 1.0.0 is now fully tested and ready to go. The new home page is

(Note: version 0.9 was never released because it fell in-between Python 2.7 and 3.x releases, prompting a rewrite once the dust settled on 3.1.)

* runs on Python 2 and Python 3
* runs on CPython, Jython, IronPython, PyPy, and Stackless
* a smaller codebase and simplifed XML context DTD
* support for the "borg" pattern in addition to "prototype" and "singleton"

Posted by Matthew Zipay 2011-08-30

0.8-beta is released!

Aglyph-0.8-beta has been released. Four milestones were achieved in this release:
1. Added support for lazy/eager evaluation of arguments and setters
2. Expanded DTD to include support for almost all standard Python types
3. Removed INI-style configuration support
4. Created full test suite (unittest)

For now, the XML context file in the test suite is the best place to look for examples of how to set up your own context. I plan to include full documentation and samples in the 0.9 release later this summer.

Posted by Matthew Zipay 2006-06-06

Development for 0.8-beta is underway

Work has begun on 0.8-beta. The two biggest changes in this version (ETA mid-May) will be (a) removing support for the Ini-style configuration file syntax and (b) adding support for eager/lazy evaluation of constructor and setter arguments.
Once eager/lazy evaluation is implemented, Aglyph will be able to handle all Python builtin types as argument values.

Posted by Matthew Zipay 2006-04-20

0.7-beta is released

The 0.7-beta version of Aglyph is now available. This release contains the Aglyph framework source, generated pydoc documentation, and a small sample application.

Posted by Matthew Zipay 2006-04-16