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Support available for Agilefant

We have started offering support for the open source Agilefant. This support comes directly from the Agilefant developers. The support ranges from email support to 24/7 phone support.

Posted by Iko Rein 2014-11-24 Labels: Agilefant support

Agilefant 2.0 Beta 1 released

After 10-month-alpha-period first beta version of the Agilefant 2 is released. See release notes to see all changes or try our demo at The release includes a database update script from 1.6.x versions (160-200.sql).

Posted by Agilefant 2010-04-09

Agilefant 1.6.1 released

Agilefant 1.6.1 resolves several configuration issues on non-Windows platforms.

Posted by Agilefant 2009-06-17

Agilefant 1.6 released

Major new features in Agilefant 1.6 are renovated iteration view (give us feedback at the Agilefant Forum) and calendar view to daily work view for browsing spent effort. In addition to the major changes, Agilefant 1.6 introduces multiple minor improvements, such as new project types and clarified terminology.

Posted by Agilefant 2009-06-11

Agilefant 1.5.5 released

With Agilefant 1.5.5 TODO's can be spliced into new backlog items, timesheet report data can be exported to Excel. In addition,
comments for logged effort can now be entered directly from the Progress tab
and item priority can now be adjusted directly from the Progress tab.

Posted by Agilefant 2009-03-30

Agilefant: 1.5.4 released

Agilefant is a tool for managing agile software development activities, such as: projects, products, releases, iterations and backlogs. It brings together the perspectives of long-term product and release planning and project portfolio management.

Usability and user interface improvements were done to this release. Agilefant's performance is also greatly improved! Also a handful of minor improvements and bug fixes are included.... read more

Posted by Agilefant 2009-03-03

Agilefant 1.5.3 released

Business themes and reference id's are the major fetures added to the latest version of the Agilefant. Business themes are system wide themes which are shared among all products. Reference id's enable linking Agilefant objects within the system or from external systems. And naturally there are numerous minor improvements!

Posted by Agilefant 2008-12-17

Agilefant 1.5.2 released

Agilefant 1.5.2 has just been released for testing and development purposes!

Although not an official 'stabile' release, we recommend this upgrade since the improvements made (see below) - though rather small - do a lot for Agilefant's usability.

Check out the full release notes at

Posted by Agilefant 2008-11-14

Agilefant 1.5.1 released

Agilefant 1.5.1 is released for testing and development purposes. Grab the latest version from the Downloads-page or test drive at .

Posted by Agilefant 2008-11-04