• Hi, I've jus run agendaXML-0.1.41 and I find it extremely useful and I like it so much!

    As I don't understand Calatan I switched to English and restarted the application. But it didn't make the translation and I got this message:

    WARNING: cannot switch to language 'ca_ES.UTF-8'. Did you install the corresponding locale?
    WARNING: cannot switch to language 'en_US.UTF-8'. Did you install the corresponding locale?

    Where can I get the English translation? As soon as I get it I could make the Spanish translation if you want.


    • Toni Rosa
      Toni Rosa

      Thank you for your feedback. The warning that you get is quite weird... both Catalan and English are included within the package and should work... I will have a look at it.
      Regarding the translation, if you want to translate it to Spanish, please do it :) I will be glad to include it in the next version of the program (which will also fix some other minor bugs)... I didn't do the Spanish version myself due to a lack of time and my laziness...
      Let me give you some information on how to translate it. The package "AgendaXML-0.1.41.tar.gz" available for download is the application source code and it contains a folder called ".lang". In it you will find some "*.po" files. To translate it you can take the "en.po" file and edit it saving it with another name (e.g "es.po").  Finally,  notice that the original strings were in Catalan so you'll just need to update the "translation" fields.
      Best Regards,

    • You were right, I checked the .lang directory and it has these files:  ca.po  en.po  en_US.po
      but when I run ./AgendaXML.gambas it gives me that error.

      As I found the English translation I will make the Spanish one and post it here. Let me know if you prefer me to send it to you by mail.

      One more thing, it would be nice if you include the README and INSTALL files to the tarball.


    • Toni Rosa
      Toni Rosa

      Looking into the problem I found that the application doesn't handle well when the language in the system (environment $LANG variable) isn't either catalan (ca_ES.UTF-8) or US english (en_US.UTF-8), an reverts to Catalan.
      Going to "Opcions" - "Idioma" - "English" should correctly set it as the default language ONLY if the US english locale is installed sorry :(
      I will try to make English the default language for the next version even if english the locale files aren't installed.