Afick 3.2 (stable) released

afick is another file integrity checker, designed to be fast and fully portable between Unix and Windows platforms.

the changes are :

* windows : move database files to database directory
* use Afick::Tst
* fix bug on progress option
* fix bug on print_config
* fix warning on unlock
* fix warning on config file (path)
* fix : only display dangling links if dead_symlinks is set
* fix quiet option
* fix report_syslog option
* fix aficonfig delete config var
* afickonfig : add list option
* add stat_date plugin
* can print_config without any writable perm

Afick now exists in version 2.x and version 3.x. What is the differences ? :
- afick 2.x is the old (stable) branch, but is now quite difficult to maintain. It will be probably stopped in 2013.
- afick 3.x is progressive rewrite, in object oriented method. It is now stable, and the 3.2 release match the 2.22 release

Posted by eric gerbier 2012-11-11