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Problem in label_tape

  • jhchoi


    I have a problem when I label a tape number to new tape.
    For example, while I'm running the backup, it ask a tape 45.
    And I insert brand new tape and give a command
    > label_tape 45 -F
    Then the machine complains

    Warning: Cannot lock file `/var/lock/Lck.afbu_server.^usr'.
    Warning: An application using the device seems to be running.

    and it's stuck there.
    It dose not even goes back to the prompt.
    And it does not label a new tape.

    I have no idea what is going on.


    • Junhwan,
      The messages that you are getting on the screen are warnings meaning the process is still trying to label the tape. Let it run and see what the error message is. Possible it is a tape that it can not label.
      Also if there is a afserver process running on the server this may hang up the connection to the tape device (tape drive or library).
      I have run into this problem my self several times.

    • jhchoi

      Yes I also found if there is a afserver process running it happen.
      Is this any way to lable the tape while I am running the afbackup.
      Or I have to label the tape first and run the backup.


      • It says in the documentation that you can use the -f and -F options to label a tape while the process is running, but I find this untrue with my 2 tape libraries. I have been unable to label the tapes when a process is running.
        I label the tapes BEFORE I do anything, gets that part out of the way.

    • Albert Fluegel
      Albert Fluegel

      Please run label_tape in a system call tracer (truss on Solaris,
      strace on Linux, others on other operating systems ...) with -f,
      redirect stderr as well into tee like this:
      (csh and friends:)
      truss -f /path/to/label_tape -F -f 45 |& tee /tmp/some_file
      (sh and the like:)
      truss -f /path/to/label_tape -F -f 45 2>&1 | tee /tmp/some_file
      as soon as it gets stuck, wait another minute, then stop it
      using Ctrl-C, compress /some_file and attach the file here
      or in a bug report.