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Error on restore

  • Hi!
    I have the following strange issue:
    on a DLT 8000 I cannot restore backups anymore. I'm not very sure that it's a hardware malfunction because the diagnostics installed on the systems (HP-UX 11.11) didn't show read errors or such. The only system error I've seen is: vmunix: SCSI: Unexpected Disconnect -- lbolt: 390262, dev: cd0010c0, io_id: 2844. I have applied all latest recommended patches but I didn't fix anything.
    My question is about the I/O operation performed by afbackup at the time of the error.
    The server logs the following error to syslog:
    afbackup[12426]: Error: Reading buffer from tape failed in interrupt routine.
    afbackup[12426]:        Return code is 126, read: -1.
    afbackup[12426]: Error: Tape closed, tape operating thread terminates.
    Any response will be highly appreciated,