afserver hanging

  • Sean Whitney
    Sean Whitney

    I've recently started experiencing a new issue with afbackup that I don't understand.

    My setup includes multiple computer backing up to a central host using afmserver.  Some of these computers are using ssh tunnels, most do not.

    My main backup is for my file server.  This seems to be where the problem lies.  It will start a full_backup as scheduled and proceed with prompting me for several tape changes.  Then at some point it stops....   The /var/lib/afbackup status file shows

    Device /dev/nst0 available, idle.

    The server and the client logs show no errors.  The applications seem to be running on both ends, but there is no activity.  The tape has just stopped.

    cartready doesn't seem to do anything.  Other backup are hung as well or cannot start.  Telnetting to the backuphost port 2989 returns a response.

    The server is running debian / stable, most of the  clients are running debian / testing (or unstable).  However the same version of afbackup seems to be in all three trees.  All the servers are running 2.6.8 or better kernels.