Aethera and Citadel

  • sanchobob

    Hey folks. 

    I'm chasing the dream of having a complete open source mutliplatform groupware solution.  Anyhow, I've setup Citadel and Aethera and they both work great under linux.  Having 2 somewhat strange problems, and wondering if anybody else is having them as well. 

    First off whenever I create a contact in Aethera and save it *none* of the phone numbers are saved.  I've tried typing the number in in several different syntaxes.  555-555-5555 (555) 555 555 55555 and others, none seemed to work. 

    Next up the Aethera client on windows crashes all the time.  It seems to work good for a while, then it crashes the first time....after that, everytime I open it it dumps immediately.  I get something like qt-mt333.dll offset 1e6668 error.

    Thanks for any suggestions....

    • Eugen C.
      Eugen C.

      I couldn't get the phone number bug. I have tested Linux and Windows XP this morning.

      What system do you have ? (Win 95, Me, Nt, 2000, Xp)
      In what conditions it crashed first time ?
      My feeling is that Aethera didn't manage properly the backend for Contacts (since phones aren't saved) and the backend is corrupted now. And this can be the crashes reason.
      Please report the problems to


    • sanchobob

      Thanks for the response.  I will try a fresh roll out and see what happens.