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Resuming work on project, updating for Asterisk 1.6

Just thought I'd post a quick note...I'm resuming work on SKeMAELlib. I'm working more and more with PBX level Asterisk installations and feel like it's time to get back into trying to reduce the amount of reiterated code ;-)

Posted by Sherwood McGowan 2009-03-18

SKeMAEL v0.5 Released

The first release of SKeMAEL Library has been uploaded. More releases are planning within the month as well.

v0.5 Contains:
Persistent MySQL connection handling, simplified MySQL query handling, AND information on how to patch Asterisk 1.4 to resolve the Macro memory limitation which can caused serious issues.

Posted by Sherwood McGowan 2007-03-22

SKeMAEL Library Project Launched

SKeMAEL has been approved on Sourceforge! I've almost finished with the first (small) release and have much more to add to the library in the future.

Posted by Sherwood McGowan 2007-03-22