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#71 Multiple GrandParent merge issue

Brendan Simon

grandparent merges do not remember the previous grandparent merges. aegis 4.24.

When doing a grandparent merge to a deeper branch, eg. from foo.2 to foo.2.10, the first merge works as expected, but any subsequent GP merges (in new changesets) do not recongise the files has being merged and up to date.

* foo.2.10.D123 is GP merge changeset (from foo.2).
* Now create a new changeset for another GP merge (no other integrations have taken place on any other branch).
* aecp .
* aem -gp
* aecpu -unchanged
* ael cf

There should be not files copied out as all the files should be up to date, however all the files from the previous GP merge will be still copied as aegis things they need updating.

An aed will show that all these files have no differences after the GP merge.

What should happen (in my opinion) is that the aecpu -unc should uncopy all the files they are merged and up to date. aelcf should show no files (unless there are genuine differences to merge).