adx - addressbook.xml: 1.05 released

adx is a minimalistic but massively web enabled address book running completely in web browser.
Supported: Skype, Twitter, Flickr, Delicious, Facebook, LinkedIn, hCard (Microformats), instant messengers, etc.
How it works: XML + XSLT = HTML in your web browser.

1.05 (2012-04-23, released on 2013-10-23):
- Enhanced support for partially known birthday values of YYYY-MM-DD (supported: year only, month and date only)
- demo file addressbook.xml: switched to UTF-8 for a more international usage (and added example contacts with non ISO-8859-1 characters)

Update from a previous version of adx:
Just replace the file 'adx2html_phonelist.xsl' with the new one from this release

Project website on SoureForge:

Posted by Thomas Bartensud 2013-10-22