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adx 0.70 has been released

adx is a minimalistic but massively web enabled address book running completely in your web browser.
Supported: Skype, Twitter, Flickr, Delicious, Facebook, LinkedIn, hCard (Microformats), instant messengers, etc.
How it works: XML + XSLT = HTML in your web browser.

This is a release with major feature enhancements:
- Added tagging engine (assign tags to your contacts and filter contact display regardingly)
- New supported account types (studiVZ, last.fm, Google, DeviantArt, SourceForge, spin.de)
- Several GUI improvements
- Improved support for french special characters
- Adjusted xml structure of addressbook (not backward compatible)
- Several minor enhancements
- several minor bugfixes

Website: http://adx.elektronengehirn.net

Download: https://sourceforge.net/project/platformdownload.php?group_id=254516&sel_platform=16227

Posted by Thomas Graf 2009-05-16