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segmentation capabilities

check out the Atropos tools and associated documentation!

Posted by stnava 2011-02-20

new ants release!

vector images used to store deformation. warp functionality now applicable to vector images. cleaned up scripts and use of ANTSPATH. compatible with review version of git-itk. better documentation, up to date. fixed a few small-ish bugs.

Posted by stnava 2011-02-20

1.9 Release


The 1.9 release is here --- osx and linux binaries are available and xp binaries will be coming soon. This release is a build-up to 2.0 which will feature much more functionality. Much of what will be in 2.0 is in 1.9 but may not be well documented. Major features will included validated segmentation methods and additional validation of brain extraction and registration approaches as well as full pipeline capabilities. Stay tuned.... read more

Posted by stnava 2010-03-22

ANTS 1.5

We are gearing up for a release of a full cortical segmenation, labeling and thickness measurement protocol in combination with PipeDream (neuropipedream at sourceforge) --- the current release has a few bug fixes, additional features, improvements in bias correction and various other tidbits. Also, finally, Windows binaries!

Posted by stnava 2009-11-11

ANTS wants developers!

Hello! The workload for Advanced Normalization Tools is rising -- We are looking for developers to help out! There are a number of projects in diffusion tensor imaging, template construction, segmentation and new image registration / feature matching strategies to tackle. Please contact us if you would like to contribute!

Posted by stnava 2009-06-23

diffusion tensor and label/landmark-guided mapping!


the ANTS toolkit is expanding -- the new release:

enables diffusion tensor image warping.

enhances the website with clearer documentation

increases usability and performance for multivariate normalization scenarios, especially those that include labeled data or user-guided normalization.

label-guided normalization is a new frontier in image mapping that gives a best of both worlds result in terms of using both data driven terms and also human guidance where necessary.... read more

Posted by stnava 2009-02-03

More Advanced Normalization Tools!

ANTS now supports diffeomorphic mapping with oriented images and ITK 3.10 ... compute average images in the shape and appearance space, perform morphing and many other operations with ANTS -- see

Posted by stnava 2008-11-18

ANTS binaries and webpage!

The webpage is available at:

The binaries are available at:

The latest in diffeomorphic and semi-automated image registration!

Posted by stnava 2008-11-10