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Adonthell 0.3.3 released

Version 0.3.3 of Adonthell is out. With it comes Waste's Edge, the first in a series of mini RPGs to test our engine and to introduce our game world. Download it at .

We're putting as much effort into this world and its background as we put into actual coding and game design. The first fruits of these efforts can be viewed in our library ( ... read more

Posted by Kai Sterker 2002-09-30

Moved Adonthell to Savannah

In an effort to support the free software movement, we decided to leave Sourceforge in favour of Savannah, a spin-off maintained by the FSF.

Therefore you'll find Adonthell at

I'd also like to use the opportunity and thank the people behind Sourceforge for the 2 years of great service they provided us. Good luck for the future, guys!


Posted by Kai Sterker 2002-02-05

Adonthell v0.3 released

At last our new version of Adonthell has been released!

New features include better graphics, ogg-vorbis music and a fully working dialogue system.

Adonthell is still under development though and we are currently looking for competent C++ and Python prgrammers as well as Musicians, Graphics Artists and Writers.
Please see our site for more details:

At the same time, we are moving the project from Sourceforge to Savannah, so you won't find any new downloads on this site. Instead, you can download directly from

Posted by Kai Sterker 2002-01-28

Announcing the adonthell-announce list

A low-traffic, read-only mailing list to notify you of new releases, such as the upcoming version 0.3. You find the subscription form at .

Posted by Kai Sterker 2001-07-13

Adonthell v0.2 released

We have practically rewritten most of our code, so don't await the changes to be too obvious. Although you may notice (i.e. hear) some of them ;-).

Posted by Kai Sterker 2000-02-19