how to use database on both PC/PPC?

  • i want to make a database on PC and use it on PPC(PPC2003).

    1/must i create database in Unicode encoding?if it is, should i use utf16encoding=true to make it? is there any other thing shall i do to use unicode?

    2/must i convert ASCII strings into unicode strings before i insert it into table?

    • i make 2 program with this ADO.NET provider, one runs on PC and one runs on PPC. both of them works.

      but, program on PPC can NOT read db file which was copyed from PC to PPC. the same db file can be read on PC.

      what is wrong?

      is it because of UNICODE? how to set database into UNICODE? i try to use UTF16encodeing=true on PC but program can not work.

    • sqlite is all internally unicode, so that should not be the issue.